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“Urban GreenWorks lives at the intersection where planetary and population health meets.”

Our story

Why Planetary Health?

Urban GreenWorks'(UGW) planetary health journey began with the goals of providing south Floridians with improved access to healthy local foods, environmental education, horticulture therapy, and volunteer opportunities.


Zoom ahead and the foundation continues to develop, adapt, and evolve yet the core remains the same…of the Community…for the Community…by the Community!

It’s been their belief that we change the fortunes of communities by addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH) through a multivariate approach.

UGW’s research is based on the grassroots, community-based experiences and data accumulation of 12 plus years of programming and collaborative partnerships that have allowed us to identify and analyze the health experiences of marginalized populations in America.

Removing lawns, urban farming and social inclusion were the foundational entry points chosen by UGW to serve our targeted populations and to connect the dots between environmental, human, and social health.

UGW’s farmer-centric perspective was and is about taking control of our individual eating habits and overall nutrition. UGW utilizes organic farming purposefully, with not only the intent to farm regeneratively, but to share and teach others to farm as well.

UGW continues to study planetary health’s relationship with public/population health from a holistic perspective.  A healthy planet strengthens the ecosystems that we (as humans) are a part of, therefore it is part of the foundation to strengthening human health. The other being human accountability and positive action!

Our philosphy

Creating Solutions from Seeds of the Community…for the Community…by the Community”

Our mission

The Mission of Urban GreenWorks is to improve, protect, and ensure planetary health, food security, and social responsibility in the communities we serve.
We exist to be a major catalyst towards rebuilding the economic, physical, & social health of under-served communities.

Our vision

Urban GreenWorks (UGW) will be an evolutionary resource for agricultural and nutritional innovation in the preservation of human and planetary health.

UGW will offer a holistic data-driven, experiential- & evidence-based approach with focused and meaningful programs, projects, and services that support planetary and human health.

UGW will continue to be a leader in regenerative (urban) agricultural & social innovation strategies and solutions.



Meet the backbone of the UGW family, working as a team to service the environment, the community and the mission!

Executive Team

R. Horne


J. Horne

SVP - Implementation; Logistics
Our board

Advisor to Executive Team

Will Allen


Board of Directors

Ramcess Jean-Louis: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Labor Law

Edwin Philogene: Financial Management & Investing

Ramez Zahralddin: Operations Management

Karen Callahan: Social Impact & Change

Raj Gokal: Systems Integration

Roger Horne: President, UGW Global

Advisory Board

Alison Austin
Iqbal Akhtar
John Murphy
Louis Duncanson
Melba Rose
Monica Dawkins
Sharron Brown
Rodrigo Richardson

Community Advisory Board

Ingrid Robinson
Michael Harris
Phillip Davis, Jr.