Serves the present and future of Human Health

“Health System 3.0 serves the present and future of human health.” It is where UGW starts after 20 plus years of working in and studying the impact of healthcare and public health on the health of individuals, families, and communities. After considering social determinants of health, Healthy People every decade, the 17 U.N. goals and many other strategies, we came to two major  conclusions:

  • “Nutrition must be the premier biomedical science of the future!” Adapted from Dr. T. Colin Campbell. 
    One of the greatest contributions humans can make towards reversing our impact on planetary and human health is to adopt a plant-forward lifestyle. We must cut our global meat consumption to 30% or more by 2050.

  • Public Health is the lens to address health & educational disparities, poverty, violence, discrimination, and injustice and redefining the role of public health to be the 21st-century urban solution and critical social justice tool, locally and globally.

The Science of Nutrition

“Nutrition must be the premier biomedical science of the future!”  – Adapted from Dr. T. Colin Campbell

What is Nutrition?
Nutrition is the biological expression of Food. Nutrition prevents future biological problems & threats and treats existing problems. A whole foods, plant-based lifestyle greatly counters the adverse effects of poor & improper nutrition.
When looking at the 10 major causes of human illness/death, 7 of the causes (heart disease, cancer, COPD, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, & kidney disease) can be prevented or potentially reversed by adopting a plant-based nutrition plan.
“We must appreciate nutrition’s potential to create, maintain, and restore human health!”.

With the emergence of holistic wellness socially, there is a giant opportunity for communities across the planet to expand individual and collective health consciousness by understanding how making the proper food choices/options limit or prevent diseases and other illnesses from forming!

Through the Health System 3.0, UGW promotes the ability for each individual to understand:

  • Which foods nourish their body and blood type,
  • What set of habits promote a healthy life (exercise, rest, social activity, etc.), and
  • Which factors impact personal hygiene.

Why plant-based?