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“What we do to the world comes back to affect us, and not always in ways that we would expect! Humans must take responsibility and accountability for the adverse effects that our actions have had on the environment.”

Society turning the cheek has officially come back to bite us!!

It is, now more than ever, our social responsibility to use our collective knowledge and skills to bring awareness to our local communities and to collaboratively work on community-driven solutions to reverse our negative impacts on this planet.

Urban agriculture and organic farming has rightfully been a major portion of UGW’s public identity. However, UGW thrives as a living human resource center for both local and broader communities through the efforts of its population and social health experts.  Their best practices and research are centered around gathering and studying the sciences of agriculture and nutrition to create effective solutions that betters our environmental impact, while serving to improve human health and the built environment.

Take The Pledge, Make a Difference

Join the community’s commitment of improving everyday choices we make and the habits we create – positive action for  positive impact!!

Different climate regions will face challenges, but no matter what country, city or state you’re in, there’s always to become active and/or more active in your personal health and the health of our environment.

Take the UGW pledge and discover the fun ways we’re helping ourselves and one another lead the healthiest life possible.

Join our community for more of an inside look to in the specific ways UGW is embracing and exercising social responsibility, where you can find various ways to get involved!

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