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  • Date: Jun 01 - 30 2023


Jun 01 - 30 2023

June Is Men’s Health Month!!!

June is OUR month fellas! 

A time to celebrate FATHERS and MEN, UGW is promoting a month-long dive into Black men, our role in the Black family, our role as Fathers, and our role as community Leaders. We will look at the factors (SDOH) that affect/afflict male health and talk about solutions that can help to rebuild strong Black men and strong Black families. 

Men may be perceived as the physically stronger gender because they are bigger and more muscular than women. However, when it comes to health, it’s the other way around. Men are more likely to experience chronic health conditions earlier than women because of different lifestyle, biological and social factors. These include smoking, alcohol and substance abuse, stress, hormones, metabolism, genes, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and lack of regular checkups.

The life expectancy of males in America is 76.1 years. This is five years less than the life expectancy of women which is 81.1 years. The numbers may be intimidating, but they can help you start making necessary changes for better health and a longer life. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the most common health conditions affecting men, in no particular order.

Look out for our 2nd NEW MOON, NEW YOU Celebration this month, as we encourage Fathers to come bond with your children at Cerasse Farm. Connect and commune together over food, juice, drumming, and work as we talk about LIFE, its daily challenges and its successes.

Mango Madness is also back at Cerasee Farm in June & July! Join us as we celebrate the rich history of the mango in OUR culture. UGW will host many activities during Mango MADness including mango eating contests, mango tastings, mango pie making contests, and so much more. Check out the UGW social media for more updates.

Peace Folks!



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A Pledge by Ordinary People for Planetary Health on World Health Day

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I, ________________solemnly pledge to work towards preserving my health and the health of my family and community by protecting and preserving the planet’s natural ecosystems on which human health depends.

The health of the planet, people, and their communities will be my first consideration.

I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, as well as reverence for the diversity of life on Earth, and for the natural systems which support all life.

I will attend to my own health and well-being, by adopting and incorporating plant-based nutrition principles, in order to better serve my family, my community, and the planet to the best of my abilities.

I will fight for equity and justice by actively addressing the environmental, food, and social crises through my actions at home, in my community, and in my profession, so as to protect the planet and all of its life forms for current and future generations.

I will strive to be a role model for my children, family, and community by striving to embody planetary and plant-based health principles in my own life, acknowledging that this requires maintaining the vitality of our common home.

I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honor and self-respect. By taking this pledge, I am committing to a vision of personal, community, and planetary health that will enable the diversity of life on our planet to thrive now and in the future.

Adapted from the Pledge in the Lancet (2020), by UGW 2023

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