Something to Chew On: How Does Animal Protein Affect Aging?

What does the science of longevity suggest about our food choices?

In the following short video, Michael Hollie, MD, discusses the effect of calorie restriction— specifically restricting calories from animal protein—on the mechanisms of aging. (To learn more about longevity, read Dr. Hollie’s article from 2022.)

This evidence raises many questions about the standard American, or Western-type, diet’s preoccupation with animal protein. How do you think we can begin to flip the narrative on animal protein?

  • What role do non-nutritional values—ideas about class, gender, rapid growth, etc.—play in shaping our beliefs on protein?
  • Given the macronutrient breakdown observed in blue zones like Loma Linda and Okinawa, how might you explain the massive market for low-carbohydrate diets and dieting products?
  • Many non-dietary factors contribute to recent life expectancy trends, including the opioid epidemic, suicides, and alcoholic liver disease. How—if at all—might these connect to nutrition? More generally, might nutrition play a role in mental health?

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